My Shoes

I am often asked about shoes and whether I enjoy wearing the extreme heels I use in my sessions. “Oh, YES!” is my response… I have over 600 pairs of shoes and boots and I really love wearing them, whether it is in the dungeon, in one of my roleplay rooms or outside in the vanilla world. I take great pleasure in shoe-dangling and when I used to travel to and from London frequently, I would often slip a shoe off on the train and then sit back to observe the ‘foot boys’ in the carriage allow their eyes to wander down to my little nylon-clad size 5s as I wiggled my perfectly painted toes. I have always worn an anklet, (they are so sexy) and I know that most women will not entertain them, so the fantasy of that seems to be very popular and to watch mine glint in the light and then look up to see who agreed was such fun! I like my clients to make shoe requests and always like to be bought shoes as tributes, (hint, hint!)

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