Giselle’s Reviews 2019

Foot Boy (Visited August 2019)

I arrived at around 7.30pm and she was waiting for me. She was sitting in a dark room with just enough light to highlight her massive boobs. She was well-made up and looked very dangerous. I was made to kneel down straight away and kiss her boots. She told me to take off my clothes so she could inspect me. After prodding me with her cane, she took off her coat and told me to remove her boots. I was thrown a blindfold and then after I had put it on, she put her foot into my mouth. She told me that her feet have a very strong aroma and for a foot boy like me, that was amazing. I begged her to take off a stocking so that I could get her whole foot in my mouth, at which point she pushed her stockinged foot right into my mouth and laughed. She did let me take a stocking off though and even though I couldn’t see, I could feel my hands at the top of her thighs and could smell her. Wow! Her sweaty feet were slippery and I could feel pre-cum oozing out of my cock just at the thought. After twenty minutes of foot worship, I asked her to piss on me. She had been drinking water during the session and so she said it should be OK. I could hear her lifting up her skirt, though she made me pull up the blindfold so I couldn’t see her pussy. After a short wait, I could feel a warm flow of piss all over my face and she is very good at directing the flow into my mouth. At the end, She rubbed the un-stockinged foot over my cock and I shot my load. She sounded cross and made me lick it up but I think she liked it, as we talked afterwards. Next time I am going to pay the extra £20 and have the naked Mistress experience. This is a lady who loves her work! (Taken from McCoy’s Reviews).

Torment Boy (Visited March 2019)

I love Mistresses and I’ve been looking at this one for a while. I had a thing for mature women all my life since my Mum’s friend used to come round. She used to wear all the gear and loads of perfume and she used to take off her stilettos and leave them on the carpet, putting her stocking feet up on the settee. She had red toenails and false fingernails which she used to tap on the glass while she and Mum talked. She had big tits which burst out of her top and I thought she was like one of those women in the pornos. I used to go upstairs when I could and wank my little boys cock till it hurt. Now I can’t get that stuff out of my head and thats why I go to Mistresses. Giselle looks a bit like my Mum’s mate, but she looks better in the flesh. She wore this outfit which looked well nice. She had a miniskirt on and stockings and a tight blouse. Good job she wasn’t outside or she would of caused a riot. I asked her for red lipstick. She made me come in and sit down on her settee just like me Mums friend and talked to me. She undid her blouse and let her skirt ride up. She called me a naughty little boy and took the mickey out of me, saying that all I thought about was her feet and tits. She’s got a desk in this room she takes you to and she sat on the edge of the desk and put her feet on my face and my cock, pressing hard. Just as I started to get breathless, she stopped and walked seductively around the room. She makes it very clear that there’s no sex, but then she still leaves you wondering. She has an infectious laugh and it sounds really dirty. This went on for a while and then she started playing with herself, all the time staring at me and keeping me on the settee with her foot. She asked me not to say what happened next, (there was no sex) but if you want to see a real spectacle, go and see this woman. She let me finish myself off and then let me clear up her room. She talks in a way that makes you feel comfortable but still keeps you in your place. I suppose she is a proper Mistress, really.



Pissy Boy (Visited December 2018)

I flew  into Stansted recently and found Mistress Giselle via one of the referral sites. She looks good in her photos but the real thing was much better. She works from a new dungeon, (she said), and it was clean and well maintained. I had booked a watersports session with he, together with some foot and leg worship. After a brief introduction and chat about what was expected of me, we got into the role-play and she was very clear about the way she likes to be treated. Her feet, encased in fully-fashioned stockings and in very high platform heels, tasted amazing. I asked if she would take off her stockings so I could put my tongue between her toes, which she agreed to.

By now, I was getting very near to my main purpose of the session, so Mistress explained that she would cuff me to her watersports chair and then I would be used. The lights dimmed in her studio once I was under the commode chair and I could hear her removing her underwear. The lid was lifted and I could look up to see Mistress lower herself down over me. She has lights in the floor of her dungeon  which shine upwards, affording me the most fabulous view of her sex. She had been drinking water throughout the foot worship aspect of our session and explained to me that I should prepare myself for a drowning. All the time, she was talking to me, telling me what a naughty boy I was and not to look at her in such a lewd way whilst she relieved herself into my open mouth. It began with a few drips and then a strong, heavy flow of piss descended from her over my face and into my mouth. After the initial gush, it stopped and she asked me how I felt. I asked if she could do more and she laughed. Another, heavier flow began-a wide jet of hot piss, more than the first time. She repeated this twice more, telling me that her bladder control is legendary. It was obvious that Mistress Giselle loves to piss on men like me.

After she had emptied herself into me, she reached for a sex toy and masturbated herself to orgasm, all the time, telling me that “something special was about to happen”. Sure enough, as promised, she is a squirter and her second orgasm produced another hot flow of liquid, which was amazing. Mistress got up off the chair, squirted lube over me and rubbed her lovely foot over me until I was done. At the end of the session, her dungeon boy brought us some tea and I sat with her. Mistress was still wearing only a corset, yet obviously is very confident to sit with a worshipper like me. I tried not to look at her sex but she teased me with crossing and uncrossing her legs.

I am going back for more in March!